Hey, this is me.

Design is my passion, and I crave challenges to which I can find creative and unique solutions. From my spot in central Tel-Aviv, I design brand identities, develop strategic methodologies, and research the latest trends.


As an independent designer, I contribute regularly to local and international exhibitions. I’m also a man of words, not just shapes and colors. I’m a lecturer at some of Israel’s leading academic institutions, and also speak at design conferences and events. For over a decade, I wrote a design column at one of Israel’s largest web platforms. Recently, I have expanded my journalistic aspirations by writing about design at Haaretz newspaper.


I have a master’s degree from the London College of Communication and a B.Design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.



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+972 54 435 2752
3 Levontin St. Tel-Aviv Jaffa 6511102 Israel

From the Press


Kan Tarbut Radio show With Goel Pinto, An Interview, Channel 1, 03.12.23



Kan Tarbut Radio show With Goel Pinto, An Interview, Channel 1, 18.12.23



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Cube Sans – An experimental secret font, Avraham Kornfeld, Ototot Magazine, 20.03.15 


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What is the power of the word in country branding? Eyal Zaum, Cities and Counties Branding Blog, 07.12.13


The Two Pages Project, London, UK 


Please, Stop Buying Design Books, Hijeck Magazine, London, UK 


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Raise It Up: Flyers And Posters In Israeli Club Culture : A Retrospective, 1990-2012, Editor: Nisan Shor, Publisher: Tel Aviv Association To Get Out Of The Box

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